This was a year ago this weekend with some of the best people ever. Was such a good night got so drunk, Scoff found a small tree and wanted to keep it, ended up meeting with my neibourghs and drinking in the pub in their garden, and then I threw up and was looked after all night aha. I would give anything to live this night again because I was so happy and still had every thing and everyone that is important to me in my life. It was a perfect night.

Party time
2nd Mar 201416:141 note

I want a tiny apartment with a study I can use to draw and practice tattooing in. I want to get a MK1 Golf and a tiny garage to put it in and learn how to tune a do up cars and engines. This is all I’m aiming for. I will be fucking happy!

Feeling shitty 😢 So bubble bath and then dom doms 😊 Still wish you was here 😢
So yeah got a suit. 😄
27th Jan 201414:1011 notes
Feeling good about my body today 😄
Going up
Really shit mood thought id try having a bath.
Last night was funny. Few beers in the pub and then drinking rum and coke in the cinema watching Devil’s Due. Then after Mcdonalds and late night walk on the beach. Not been a bad weekend.
Me and my sister
Merry Christmas Eve you bunch of wankers
24th Dec 201313:2311 notes
Happy with my body abit more now :)
14th Dec 201309:113 notes
Finally got my hair cut again by my sister as her first gents cut :)
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